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Bramshott Educational Trust
Data Protection Policy

This Data Protection Policy applies to all applicants to the Bramshott Educational Trust and to anyone applying to the Trust on behalf of another person, together referred to as “You” and “Your”. When You complete an application form and submit it to the Trust, You will provide items of personal data including Your name (and that of the applicant if different), also Your address, email address, contact telephone number, the applicant’s date of birth and the name of the applicant’s school or college.  You may also provide sensitive personal data such as details of the applicant’s health and Your personal or family financial situation.  The Trust requires this information in order to process grant applications.  By completing and submitting an application form You consent to the use and retention of Your personal data and any sensitive personal data in accordance with the following policy.

  1. All personal data submitted to the Trust will be held in paper and/or electronic form by the Trustees and the Clerk of the Trust for the purposes of considering and processing grant applications to the Trust, and for the administration of the Trust in accordance with relevant audit and regulatory requirements. 

  2. All personal data will be held in secure locations and by the Clerk in secure files and on an encrypted memory stick. It will also be stored on the Trust's website in a secure password controlled area for the purpose of the Trustees' meeting.

  3. By completing and submitting an application to the Trust, You consent to the use of Your data in accordance with points 1 and 2 above and confirm that You have obtained the consent of the applicant if applying on their behalf, to the use of their personal data for this purpose.

  4. By submitting an application to the Trust, You agree that the Clerk and/or any of the Trustees may contact you by telephone or email to notify you of the Trustees’ decision regarding your application to the Trust.

  5. Application forms will be held by the Trustees for 24 months from the date of the meeting in which the application is considered and by the Clerk and Treasurer for a period of 7 years from this date.  After such time paper application forms and copies thereof will be confidentially destroyed.

  6. The following personal data for all applicants will be held indefinitely to maintain accounting records and to ensure the equitable distribution of grants:  name of applicant, purpose of grant, amount of grant, and reason for the award.  

  7. All personal data will be held in strictest confidence, and will not be disclosed to third parties except for audit and regulatory purposes. 

  8. If You are awarded a grant, You may be contacted by the Clerk or Trustees by email or telephone to seek permission to use details of the purpose of the award and your name for marketing purposes and to promote the Trust, including a feature on the success stories page of the Trust website.  Such information will only be used with Your prior consent.

Last update June 2022

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