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Mongolian Expedition

I embarked on my trip to Mongolia in July 2016. We took the 13 hour flight to Beijing and then on to Ulaanbaatar, the Capital. After our acclimatisation days in the Capital, my team of 17 and I took a very bumpy 17 hour bus journey to Hatgal, a town North west of the Capital.

This beautiful town next to a river was our base camp for the next 2 and half weeks. We did a 4 day horse trek which was stunning, the views were endless and the Horse Wranglers were very amusing, wearing traditional outfits whilst blasting out music from smart phones.

We then returned to Hatgal and our community project. We taught pre-planned English lessons to school children who were on their summer holidays. I loved seeing the children’s progression and their eagerness to develop their skills was inspiring.

The last part of our trip was canoeing 100km down Lake Hovsgol. The river’s course was ever changing, my most memorable part was visiting a Nomadic family’s Ger, (a Mongolian yurt) and watching them round up their herds of yaks on a motorbike.

I am so thankful that The Trust generously gave me the donation to go on this expedition; I have gained so much in terms of personal confidence as well as skills to work as a team in unfamiliar situations.

I booked several restaurants and hotels over the phone sorting out logistics for my team of 17 including leaders, I am sure this experience will be very beneficial for future travelling as well as general life.


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