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Kenyan Solar Lights Project

Thank you Bramshott Educational trust for the grant of £250. I went to Kenya this year to visit schools as part of the Mwezi Foundation. We visited the school so my mum could talk to the headteachers to see what they were doing with the solar lights that the Mwezi Foundation gave them and how they were distributing them.

Over the whole visit we went to twelve different schools over the course of five days. Every school welcomed us with open arms with most having prepared a presentation including how the lights had changed their lives.

One of my favourite schools to visit was Kasidi. Mwezi has set up a link with them and Bohunt School in England. At one point my family went to the toilet and came back to find me doing the national dance with some of the girls. We also had a football match and some of the girls had a tennis game as our family had donated a football and tennis balls to each school. At the three schools we visited that day we had fresh coconut juice and at Kasidi they had the best mango I have ever tasted.

I learnt that you don’t need lots of things in your life to make you happy, you just need a good mind set. Also that Kenyan people are really nice and have lovely smiles.


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